ILoveToCode has a new Home (and name)

When I received an email from my hosting company that the domain had expired, I realised I had completely forgotten I even owned this domain. I took it as an opportunity to finally put it to use, hosting my development blog.

I decided to go the self host route so that I’d have all the flexibility that comes with it, with no restrictions on plugins and themes etc. The free hosting on has been fantastic and served me well, but it’s time to move on!

After wondering if I should think up a new witty and creative name for the blog, I realised that there was no need. It’s my blog, on my domain so lets just leave it at that. Welcome to the old ILoveToCode and the new

Updates + Book

I managed to get around to updating the sidebar this morning so that it is now a little more useful. This whole blogging thing has turned out much more simple and enjoyable than I first thought it would be.

I also decided to put a mention in for the book which I, along with two former colleagues, spent the last year writing, WPF Recipes in C# 2008: not for the money as we see very little out of it, but more so that people can get in touch with me in relation to its content.

We wrote the book in our evenings and weekends as an attempt to provide a collection of worked examples of various everyday problems, something we yearned for during our early days of using .Net 3.0. We hope it can help you avoid many of headaches we encountered on our WPF journey!

So be it questions, comments or corrections relating to the following chapters, get in touch.

  • 1 – Building and Debugging WPF Applications
  • 7 – Working with Text, Documents, and Printing
  • 10 – Working with 3D Graphics
  • 11 – Creating Animation

Welcomes and Hellos

Hello readers and welcome to my blog. I have been meaning to do this for a while now but have never gotten around to it, mostly because I know that I will actually have to come back and update this thing!

So a little about me. Well as the blog’s title suggests, I love to code! Presently I am working exclusively in .Net 3.5 and am an avid fan of WPF. I am currently working for SmithBayes where I have been working with .Net 3 (especially WPF) since the early CTP releases building a large decision making platform application.

The purpose of this blog is to be a place where I can share the knowledge in WPF I have gainedĀ over the years and get to know fellow .Net 3x fans.